Plastic Confessions Week 2

Plastic Confessions2

Here’s all my trash from the second week of Plastic Free July. Quantity-wise, it’s about the same as last week, and content wise there are also some consistent patterns. Pet products, packaging from mail-order (this time bubble wrap envelopes instead of those air-pop bags from the boxes, and one or two flat out forgetful mistakes when I let my kids order something at a restaurant that comes with plastic lids, cups, and straws.

A couple different things this week:

  • cleaning product bottles. I decided this week that the wood floors needed some polish, and I used up two bottles of the product. They will go in the recycling, and I’m not sure what other options there are (other than not polishing the wood floors, which would result in their deterioration). Well, that’s not true … I used to use a wax product that came in a metal can and required me to hand buff the floor … not sure if I’m willing to go back to that product.
  • A plastic tub from Kool Aid. OK, here’s the deal: for our road trip, I wanted to cut down on plastic bottles we would end up buying and throwing away in order to have refreshing beverages in the car. So I did this: I took a big water tower with us, one individual re-usable water bottle each, and powdered Gatorade and Kool-Aid. Yes, we could have just drunk water … but realistically the kids were a lot happier with some flavoring, particularly as the water got warm in the car and it was hot and I was trying to keep them hydrated. So, that’s a long story, but basically I think that one tub (which went in the recycling) is standing in for all the possible beverage bottles we might have ended up without it.


I’m not achieving total Zero Plastic (and I won’t … at least not as long as I have pets and kids) – but the effort continues!


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