Not Rushing

can't rush this

Holidays (even summer ones) always begin with the preparation, and for me that involves being in stores that are far more crowded and full of rushing people than I normally experience. In the preparation for Independence Day, I found myself in our neighborhood Big Box Store in exactly that kind of crowded, busy, cranky shopping environment. Fortunately, I was not drawn in to the mood.

Standing back patiently, telling people “I’m in no rush, don’t worry” when they were blocking my path, I got my shopping done without stress to me or others, and probably without taking much more time than it would have taken to rush about and push and shove.

Not rushing, fussing, stressing, or bustling is one of my goals. What am I rushing toward? Isn’t this really a race to nowhere? And there are so many things that can’t be rushed! Laundry drying in the sun can’t be rushed. Bread baking can’t be rushed. My old dog teetering around in the yard for her 2am call-of-nature unfortunately cannot be rushed either.

So what is accomplished by me rushing things? Can I adopt a general attitude of “it’s OK, I’m in no rush” as I tackle each of life’s necessary tasks? How would I experience my life differently if I could keep to the slow lane?


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